Vanilla flavoured candle
Vanilla flavoured candle
Vanilla flavoured candle
Vanilla flavoured candle

Vanilla Flavoured Candle

Our vanilla flavoured candles make your home smell like hollidays and will relax you after a long day of work. You will be releaved and your soul will fill with joy and hapiness just after a few minutes you light up the candle. It works like a pure happy and relaxing pill, but more natural and more effective.

You will enjoy the results just after a few minutes and you will buy more candles so you can enjoy more time relaxing and forgetting about everything that makes you sad or unhappy. You will have your own corner, your own escape from reality. Just feeling the fresh vanilla relaxing parfume.

Available aromas:
Sweet Vanilla, Dark Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla

Available sizes:
Small (15cm), Medium(30cm), Big(45cm)

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Strong parfume will make you feeling like you are flying. That’s because of strong aromaterapy included in the candle.

A smart man once said “Strong essence kept in a small bottle” and this is exactly what we have done with our vanilla candle.


Relaxing and calming effect

As we said before and now we say that again, our candle is made for everyone, especially for people seeking relaxing and calming effects.

This is the only natural way you can get it. Our products are bio and we recommend it as the clients below.

Clients Review

December 1st, 2013

“Those candles are amazing, like really amazing. I never had so much relaxing at a so low price. Everytime i needed relaxing and calming i was going to massage or other types of treatement, bought pills, trying to calm myself down, but they cost a lot.

I really recomment those candles to anyone who needs this type of ‘treatment’. You will relax, calm down and feel awesome.”

David Tresnic, 10 candles bought

November 25th, 2013

“leostore really have amazing products. They are less expensive, a lot les expensive than other treatments and they do that job 10 times faster and even better. I am more happy with my life now.

I was a very angry person so far, but now, i do not have to be so mad as i was before. When things go out of control, i have a candle to calm down. I recommend it 100%.”

Bill Jane, 17 candles bought

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