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A payment service

Peydo provides safe payments for those who buy and sell at online marketplaces. We
actually pay the seller before he sends the goods. The buyer always pays after receiving the
goods, by invoice or installments.

Calculate your cost

No monthly or hidden fees.




Set the price you want the buyer to pay

Payout time:

Today at 14:30

We wil deposit the total amount into your
bank account no later than the time specified

Total payout

470,00 €



If installments is off, you always have 14 days to pay.


Set the number of installments

Total payout

530,00 €

Increase your sales

Get paid within 10 minutes

Did you know that even if you sell your used stuff with Peydo, we deposit your
money into your bank account within 10 minutes, before you even send anything?

Seller Transactions
Seller Transactions

Safe & simple

Choose invoice or installments

We always pay the seller with our money before he sends any goods so that you can be sure to get what you’ve been promised. If you are satisfied, you canchoose to pay within 14 days or installments.

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